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Sustainability Policy (Europe)

Primal is committed to improving and reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability throughout our organisation. This policy is specifically for Europe and the U.S.A policy may read slightly differently.

As cyclists and triathletes, we already know the wonders of the outdoors. We aim to follow and promote sustainable practice throughout our daily activities.


Primal's Sustainable Ideals

  • To comply with and exceed where practicable, all applicable regulations and practice.
  • To integrate sustainable policies into our daily business.
  • Nominate a European Sustainability officer.
  • Ensure that all staff within Primal Europe are aware of internal sustainability policies.
  • Ensure all our team are aware and trained in or sustainability policies.
  • Aim to make all our suppliers and customers aware of our efforts to improve our sustainability.
  • Review this policy every 12 months.


In Practice


Aim to have all suppliers audited to SMETA standard annually with audits available to our staff, customers as required;



Aim to reduce our carbon footprint across the business in our supply chain.


For Example

2015 Removed plastic packaging from our socks.

2014 Using Soya based inks as and where possible to reduce emissions.

2019 Remove single-use plastic as and where possible in our packaging.

2019 Aim to source sustainable posting packaging that will suit our customers.

2021 Introdcue Plastic free packaging option for all custom orders.

2021 Introduce certified recycled polyester option to custom products.


Travel & Meetings

Encourage staff to travel by bicycle to and from work, for example, in 2012, we fitted a shower and offered personal lockers to all staff.  In 2021, in conjunction with Plymouth City council, we purcashed an ebike for staff to borrow if they wanted to try commuting by bike.

Try to use Skype/Slack/Zoom for meetings where possible.

Aim to use public transport to local meetings.

Only use Air travel as a last resort, including travelling into Europe. (Sustainability officer will make the final decision).


Office Environment

A recycling bin is already available.

The office is lit with LED lights that last longer and are more energy efficient than standard bulbs.

Office equipment is purchased from one local source, although the supplies still travel to the supplier, Primal reduce the number of journeys by only using one supplier.

All emails have a "Sustainability" sign off discouraging printing of the email.

Minimise our use of paper and other office consumables, for example by double-siding all paper used, and identifying opportunities to reduce waste.

Good housekeeping regards to heat loss, staff use the Mentor training system to make them aware of environmental policies.

To aim to use sustainable office furniture when possible.

Seek environmentally friendly electricity from suppliers committed to renewable energy when practicable.

Undertake and participate in community projects to reduce and offset carbon emissions from work undertaken by Primal. For example, in 2019, our staff carried out a litter pick in the local National Trust woods.


Signed Electronically:

James Smith April 2021

Ben Walker (Sustainability Officer) April 2021