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Custom Guidelines

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they contain specific information about the Primal design and order process

To get started, simply Contact Us or Request a Quote »


General Art

For most orders, Primal prints using a state-of-the-art digital print process that allows the use of a nearly unlimited number of colours. Primal prints in CMYK but will make the best effort to match PMS (Pantone Matching System) colours. There is no guarantee that the colours will be a perfect match to PMS, but if CMYK’s are provided Primal will match to these CMYK’s within 10%.  Primal prints all design in one scale and cuts to size, as a result, variations in design and the relative scale of each design may be present from size to size. Primal cannot cross seams with design as we cannot guarantee that crossed seams designs will align when printed and sewn.

All logos and graphics by the customer must be in a ready to print format. Print-ready formats are vector-based graphics, typically in AI, EPS or PDF formats. All text must be outlined. Any JPEG’s must be a minimum of 150dpi and sized appropriately. Primal is not responsible for poor print quality of logos or graphics supplied in formats or sizes that are not suitable for print. By supplying Primal with logos and/or graphics, the customer agrees that they have permission from the company or companies represented to use the logos and/or graphics supplied. Primal may rebuild raster graphics when possible, this comes at a charge of £50.00 per logo.

Art Ownership

All artwork created by Primal is the property of Primal and is not available for release or use. Primal reserves the right to use the customer's name and likeness in any and all promotional materials.

Art Approval

Once the design is on our system for the customer to view, the customer must approve the design as soon as they are happy with this. Your Account Manager/ Customer Account Specialist cannot do this for you. When approving your design on our system you are agreeing that the visual as you see it is and the product is correct. Therefore, Primal will not be responsible for any errors that occur within the design/product after approval (Excluding the design colours).

Primal will create one design for each item requested at no charge to the customer. Additionally, we can create up to two free design changes per item at no charge to the customer. However, any subsequent revisions made to the design of one item after the two free revisions will be charged at £150 per revision. We would need to do an initial design on one product before applying artwork to any other products. We would not apply art to any other products until there is a design approval on the first product. We can waiver this if the order is time sensitive.

We have a select colour of threads to use for our flatlock stitching elements, usually found on the Evo collection. This is also the same for Base Lycra fabric colours (The area in which the chamois is sewn). We can sublimate on Base Lycra fabrics, but this would cause grinning and colour fade to the Base Lycra fabric, so we do not advise using this method.

Minimum Order Quantities

We have super low minimums, with the majority of our collection available at just one piece only - excludes caps, mitts, maskas, socks.


We are able to send out a full sizing pack to you and your team for a £150 refundable deposit payment. We will not subsidize the cost of you sending the sizing pack back to our warehouse. The refund of your deposit payment may take up to two full weeks to be refunded from the day we receive the kit back into our warehouse. 

Should you have any issues on receipt of your order in regards to sizing, and you have received a sizing pack from us we will ask that you send your order back to us to measure against our sizing packs. If for any reason the product you received is different in size compared to our fit kits then we will investigate further. 

However, if your product mirrors the sizing packs we sent to you, in size, then Primal will not be liable for this issue. 


Once you are happy with the price confirmed in the quotation, we will then need to establish a delivery date. Our lead times are 8 weeks as standard; we offer guaranteed delivery dates (Customer Need by Date). So please advise us when you will need your kit delivered to you and we can outline to you the date you need to place your order by, with a 50% payment. The order cut off is extremely important, if you need the kit by a certain date you must stick to the timeline given to you.

If for any reason you cannot order by the order date given to you, we can give you an extension until the following Tuesday. However, if you opt for the extension, there is an automatic £200.00 rush order fee applied. Failing to order by the extension will mean your order will automatically be moved to the next available customer need by date.

 Orders submitted by the customer are considered complete and final. Additions to orders will be accepted only as new orders, must meet minimum order requirements and will be invoiced at the rate corresponding to the order quantity. Primal is not able to guarantee that additional orders will be shipped with the same delivery date as the original order.


For UK orders, delivery will be made via ground service no earlier than 8 weeks from order confirmation (order confirmation implies receipt of order, approval of artwork and down payment). Delivery is typically 8-10 weeks depending on current production volume. Expedited production is not available. Expedited shipping may be available and any additional charges related to expedited shipping will be the responsibility of the customer. Primal is not responsible for any delays caused by shipping or customs delays.

Storage Fee's

If for any reason the final balance payment isn't made within 7 days of your order arriving into our warehouse, there is an automatic £50 NET charge per week that will be invoiced and applied to your final balance payment. So please ensure when we advise you that your order is due into our warehouse, you arrange for payment to be made accordingly. 


Custom Guidelines


Colour Matching:

We only accept Pantone solid coated colour numbers for matching. We print using a four-colour process. We will match the Pantone to the CMYK equivalent.

Using the CMYK process we are able to achieve a wide gamut of colour options. This allows us to offer unlimited colour options at no additional charge.

I have CMYK / RGB Colours, Can you use those?

We can not guarantee a match of CMYK/RGB colours. In printing, colours can vary from printer to printer. If you have a Pantone colour number we can match that. Since the colours can be slightly different we do the best match with a 10% margin.

Can you match my previous jersey?

We will match the colours on the provided sample within 10% of its colour value.

Art Guidelines


Primal Custom will create one design for each item requested at no charge to the customer. Additionally, Primal will revise the initial design up to two times at no additional charge. Subsequent revisions will be billed at Primal's standard design rate of £50 per revision. Additional designs, if necessary, will also be billed at our standard art rate.

To streamline the design process all artwork must be submitted in the correct file format. If we are not provided with camera ready art, there may be an additional cost to rebuild the design.

The preferred file format is vector files, such as .ai, .eps, or .pdf, however, these files are not always vector. All vector files containing text must have the fonts outlined.

Bitmap or Raster Graphics - We do accept high resolution bitmap files such as .jpg, .psd, .png or .tiff. The required resolution is at least 150 ppi at scale.

Unacceptable files include low resolution .jpg, .gif, .doc word documents, and .ppt power point presentations.

By submitting or requesting third-party logos or art, customers acknowledge that they have obtained permission/ownership to use the logo/art on a printed garment.

To get started, simply Contact Us or Request a Quote »