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VeloSkin X Primal Turbo Tips

VeloSkin X Primal Turbo Tips

Winter training can be tough no matter where you train, but especially if you’re committed to the turbo trainer to avoid the cold temperatures and grubby wet roads outside.


Long hours with the scenery not changing as it would when you’re on the tarmac and the constant pedaling without the micro-rests of sitting in the wheels or a steady descent after a tough effort can really take it’s toll on you and your skin.

Thankfully, as technology has advanced, it has helped in the fight against the mundane turbo. The introduction of smart trainers that are more affordable, Zwift, The Sufferfest and TrainerRoad all help to combat the monotony of sitting inside training. Not only that, but you can find you get numb from not moving in and out of the saddle enough.

Here at Primal Europe we are big believers in kit that’s not only high quality but fit for purpose. For this, there is nothing better than our Men's eSport Bib Shorts and Veloskin’s Chamois Cream. Hand in hand (or chamois to skin) both will keep you comfortable and cycling at your very best through even the longest sessions inside or out.

Sitting in the saddle for an hour or two without moving is always going to be more uncomfortable than hitting the road but wearing our Men's eSport Bib Shorts and Veloskin’s chamois cream will definitely help you stay comfortable.

Not only can the right kit and cream help the comfort factor, but both can be a major prevention. Sitting still and sweating into your chamois has the potential to cause other problems, which are negated by the antibacterial elements of Chamois Cream.


Here are our top tips to battle the turbo for winter: 

  • Bottles: make sure you hydrate whilst you’re riding indoors. It’s easy to forget, but you will probably sweat more and you need to stay hydrated, it’s also great for your skin!
  • Towel: get rid of the sweat from your brow before it gets into your stem and ruins your bearings! Also be careful not to dab too much as you can damage your skin, make sure to moisturise after your session with Veloskin’s premium moisturiser.
  • Good shorts: as you won’t get out of the saddle as much as you might during a road ride, make sure your contact points are as comfy as can be! We recommend our very own Primal Men's eSport Bib Shorts.
  • Have a plan: there’s nothing better than sticking to a plan and seeing yourself improve. There are loads of plans on Zwift, British Cycling and The Sufferfest to name but a few. Be ready for those spring miles on the road!
  • Nutrition: Don’t forget to eat if you’re doing a long session! Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat. Anything above 90 minutes and it’s recommended that you start to replenish those stores!
  • Fan: Use a fan to keep yourself cool. There’s no breeze inside like there would be typically riding outside, so get yourself a fan that can be sure to help prevent and reduce the inevitable puddle of sweat!
  • Chamois cream: As we’ve mentioned, you want to be as comfortable as ever and prevention is better than cure. As you’re likely to be seated more, make sure you get hold of our some of Veloskin’s Chamois Cream for winter!


Show us your pain cave! We love seeing everyone’s indoor setup. If you’re riding on the turbo more this winter to stick to a regimented plan, save your bike or because you actually enjoy the suffering, show us where you do it! #PrimalEurope #MyVeloSkinPainCave