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MTB 101: What to Wear

MTB 101: What to Wear

To baggy or not to baggy? The answer to this question depends primarily on the type of riding you do along with personal preference. Typically, cross-country racers and endurance mountain bikers will opt for the tight fitting bibs and jersey combo. Believe it or not, this gear isn’t just for road cyclists! The Primal Helix Kit is a favorite among many of our lycra-clad professional MTB athletes. If 50-100 mile ultra races or quick sprints on a hardtail aren’t on your agenda, and instead bermed corners and root-infested, technical descents are more your cup of tea, then baggies may be right for you. A solid pair of loose fitting shorts like the Onyx Modenza offer a mix of padding, style and protection. Featuring a removable internal shammy to keep your backside happy on long climbs, stretchy, non restrictive fabrics, and the added protection of a loose fitting outer short, the Onyx Modenza is a perfect option for trail and all-mountain riding. Mountain Biking - are your shots too baggy? Wick the sweat When you go mountain biking you are going to sweat . . . a lot. There’s nothing worse than wearing said sweat like a human sponge on wheels over the duration of a 15 mile ride, so ditch the cotton! Instead, pick up a proper riding jersey made from moisture wicking technical fabrics. There are a large variety of jersey styles available, from the popular Primal Sport Cut jerseys, to the more trail specific, Grade, Haven and Henley Jerseys. Find the jersey that matches your style and burn that stinky old cotton T-Shirt. You will look and feel much cooler, not to mention smell a lot better. (Your riding buddies will thank you!) Sweat Wicking Cycling Jerseys Stash your goods Multi-tool, pump, spare tube, protein bar, sunscreen, cell phone - These are just a few of the essentials you might find yourself toting along nearly every single time you ride your mountain bike. Stash these goods in style with MTB specific gear. The Primal mountain bike collection (Modenza, Henley, Grade, Passport, Haven) features discrete zippered pockets. Whether it’s spare parts for the bike or spare cash for the bar, always make sure the essentials are in close reach. Protect your head Last but certainly not least, a quality helmet is, by no doubt, the most important piece of gear you can wear mountain biking. Your helmet should fit properly and be rated for the activity you are doing. Look for one of these certification stickers when buying a helmet: CSA, EN, ASTM, CPSC or Snell B90/B95. If you find yourself riding a chairlift up and bombing back down on your bike, a full-face helmet along with additional protection (knee, elbow, spine) is recommended and often required. Knee pads are becoming more and more comfortable and common on the trails. A rock to an unprotected knee can be the end of your season. We recommend playing it safe, you will rarely regret wearing the extra protection. Happy Trails.