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An intro to Gary one of our new Ambassadors

An intro to Gary one of our new Ambassadors

Anyway here’s a small snippet about me from that post:

  1. Give us a low down on your current training and work/study lifestyle?

I’m currently working a full time job for Lisburn City council as a sports development officer, this is my year placement post for my university studies. I’m living in a student house in Belfast which is wile crack! I’m averaging around 10hours a week training (when I’m not sick…) Training currently consists of some core work, 1 or 2 early morning sessions during the week before work and then short evening sessions which I try and do out on the road. Longer rides on the weekend. No coach YOLO

  1. What are you listening to on your iPod right now?

I’m always the AUX man. I listen to all genres to be honest. Into house music though. Favourite tune at the minute has to be Native Souls – A new day spencer parker remix, it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste.

  1. Describe your perfect rest day?

Crawling around on the bike with the boys, which normally leads to balls out sprinting for 30s. This normally decides who buys the coffees. Then a long sit in a coffee shop talking about how bad we all are at riding bikes.

Neon Primal Socks

  1. Favorite food/drink for on the bike? (This can also contain coffee stop snacks)

Whatever I find in the house, so anything really. But bananas are up there with the easiest/best food to take. We normally stop at Bob & Berts that do a really good flat white. Not really a fan of their tray bakes. Smaller local owned coffees shops always do the best tray bakes.

  1. What’s some of the best advice/motivation that you’ve received from your mentors?

Hmm best advice, I don’t know where I heard this or if I just made it up myself. But some advice would be don’t bullshit yourself, think about things realistically and be honest with yourself. That way the steps are clear and you know what you need to do to reach your targets. Don’t tell yourself everything will fall into place or you think you’re doing enough. Be honest and don’t settle for anything under what you’re capable of.

Motivation wise, surround yourself with good people who are always positive, I feel motivation comes naturally from that.

  1. What style of racing suits you?

I’d say I’m fairly confident on a bike technically, tight twisty courses with short explosive efforts suit me. I like crits and kermesses those efforts suit my style. Long flat roads kill me.

Racing In ireland


So that’s a bit about me. The Ras is my main aim for 2017, it’s kind of a big deal in Irish cycling culture. I’ll keep you up to date with my progress throughout the year and the lead up to the event which is at the end of May. I spent some of last year in Europe riding bikes and plan to do the same sort of thing this year. So hopefully there will be some pretty photos on my blog too.