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Thermal Shoe Cover



Optimized for damage-free use in warmers and tights while in conditions that are tougher than Calculus, Traverso is constructed with a mechanically brushed back fabric, and traverses excellently between a span of 20-75 degrees F. Reduction of “grin-through” is thoroughly maintained by a dyed black back that covers the white base once the material is stretched. Many folks may confuse grin through with the face they put on during another one of their friend’s tragic attempts at slam-poetry-not the same.

Technical Specs: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex | 245 gsm

Technical Specifications

• Elastic Ankle Gripper
• HXT Thermal Toe Protection
• Rear Ankle Zipper
• Traverso Fabric

About The Fit

Shoe Covers

Primal Shoe Covers are constructed from thermal Traverso fabric and water-resistant HXT fabric to provide maximum protection in cold and wet conditions.