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Recently Added




100% high quality goose down with micro 20D ripstop nylon face. Sewn through construction creates small pockets of down to keep the jacket as lightweight and wearable as possible, while preventing any bunching of internal insulation.


3-layer laminated waterproof fabric that also provides excellent breathability. With top of the line moisture management this fabric can be used in temperatures ranging from -6 to 14°C

Technical Specs: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex | 310 gsm

AireSpan Mélange

The knit poly and nylon blended AireSpan is incorporated into our seamless products to keep you comfortable without sacrificing mobility. The seamless construction allows the fabric to be knit into solid and mesh patterns to provide additional breathability where you need it.

Aire Mélange

A melange polyblend knit fabric with MicroMesh backing, the textured face gives a natural heather look while the back provides all the performance breathability of high powered wicking mesh.


Wind and water resistant, lightweight fabric. White polyester for sublimation. Dyed nylon for single color applications. No stretch. All temperatures for wind and water protection.

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester | 90 gsm

AE Elite - Mesh

Mesh with mechanical stretch/ Black nylon or white polyester. 4-way mechanical stretch.

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester | 118 gsm


A poly/spandex blend bright yarn fabric developed with specific consideration given to muscle compression, elastic recovery and printability.

Technical Specs: 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex │250 gsm | SPF 50


Out ATY fabric is new for our spin line. With moisture wicking properties and 4 way stretch these clothes are here to get you through your toughest workouts.

Bastien Melange

A sustainable fabric that uses recycled coffee grounds to form the base material the performance of this fabric is as refreshing as shot of espresso. With 200% faster drying time than cotton, the S.Cafe® filaments will keep you cool, dry and running strong.


Stretch woven fabric with superior moisture management and durability properties to allow for full day wear from commute to casual hang with friends.


Air channel knitted fabric with superior air flow function that provides superior moisture and temperature management to the upper body. The polyester weave also provides a sun screen effect to prevent damage from UV sun rays.

Contna Melange

100% polyester blend melange fabric made in Korea. Lightweight with 4-way mechanical stretch that allows for full range of motion while maintaining wrinkle free, casual appearance.


This lightweight polyester fabric provides maximum breathability for those individuals working the hardest and in the hottest environment, from hauling bags to setting up a starting truss. With advanced moisture wicking channels, this fabric is designed to pull sweat away from the skin and push it off the opposite face of the jersey to keep you cool and dry…no more heavy, clingy cotton t-shirts. A loose knit structure also allows for increased breathability, bringing more cooling air to the surface of the skin.

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester


Water repellent nylon designed to dominate the adverse conditions. Constructed to mimic the love and protection a Yak provides its sherpa in the mountains of Nepal. Temperature range 20-60 degrees F.


100% Preshrunk Combed Ringspun Cotton, Jersey Knit


Lightweight mechanically brushed polyester fabric with 4-way mechanical stretch and moisture wicking properties. If you are riding or running in the clouds, Cerro will keep you dry while keeping your core temperature consistent.


Durable and moisture regulating, Korean made span woven fabric with 2-way mechanical stretch. Woven texture lends a professional look to an active shirt that can be worn on the bike and into the office.


Textured, woven fabric with durable properties ideal for extended activity while maintaining a casual and fashionable look and feel.


ExoDura is solidly-textured with more necessary channels than a premium cable package. The flexible, multi-channel composition wicks away moisture flawlessly and puts anything you watch regularly on The Laundry Channel (don’t miss the season premiere of Saturday Night Spin Cycle) to shame.

Technical Specs: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex │190 gsm


A sustainable fabric that uses recycled coffee grounds to form the base material the performance of this fabric is as refreshing as shot of espresso. With 200% faster drying time than cotton, the S.Cafe® filaments will keep you cool, dry and running strong.


Even too much cologne and body spray can’t repel as effectively as Eris fabric does. The ultra-light, yet tough rip-stop fabric packs away like a breeze, while the textured, gridded surface ensures waterproof and windproof capabilities ideal for howling winds and relentless rain.


Impermeable and water repellant, the Estelveo fabric is the newest, state of the art technology. This Italian-made fabric keeps you dry, while wicking moisture away from your skin, and is still fantastic for print sublimation. With an incredibly high resistance to water vapor penetration woven directly into yarns of the fabric, Estelveo beads water droplets to easily roll off your back.

Gravity Mélange

A melange poly blended knit fabric with SpeedMesh backing. The 2-way mechanical stretch allows the fabric to move with the most experienced breakdancer. Temperature range 40-80 degrees F.

Heavyweight UltraSoft Peach Finish

The Hoodie is made from Heavyweight UltraSoft Peach Finish. Weight: 330gsm Fabric Content: 330gsm 65% Cotton 35% Polyester

HXT - Paradigm Thermal

3-layer laminated fabric with waterproof, breathable poly laminate between brushed back and Teflon Coated / Wicking finished Polyester front. Excellent printability. Excellent moisture management. Temperature range 20-60 degrees F.

Technical Specs: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex | 310 gsm


A technical, double knit performance polyester fabric, HexaDri has a push/pull effect that wicks sweat away from the body to keep you cool and comfortable on the bike. This moisture management system works by pulling perspiration from the surface of the skin and pushing it off the face of the jersey.

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester | 180 gsm | SPF 35

Lightweight Priflex

The LW Priflex is the perfect fabric for hot weather. It's super light and flexible, making it perfect for high performance garments. The micro denier yarn uses capillary action to transport moisture from the surface of your skin to the surface of the fabric, keeping you cool and dry.


A FD Single Span, soft, versatile fabric provides superior flexibility. The spandex composition provides excellent wicking and breathability keeping the body cool and dry. The light compression provides stability through the full range of motion.


The Merge fabric is the perfect fabric for your next kit. It has a 2 way mechanical stretch fabric that's both light weight and breathable. The fabric is perfectly stretchy allowing it to fit all body types.


Durable, pique textured 100% polyester fabric, manufactured in Korea, a leading supplier of the world’s best textiles. With superior moisture management and durable stretch properties ideal for casual, active lifestyle wear.

Moca Rip Stretch

Durable, lightweight polyester fabric with 4-way stretch capabilities to allow for unimpeded range of motion.


Korean made unique heavy melange with superior stretch action properties to provide an unimpeded range of motion along with temperature and moisture regulation. Comfortable enough for a casual stroll to the store with all the technical features necessary for an intense workout.

Das T-Shirt besteht aus 100% sanforisierter, gekämmter, ringgesponnener Baumwolle. Das engere Gewebe verleiht dem Shirt ein weicheres Tragegefühl - mit unserem Tagless-Label-System kratzt nichts am Nacken.

3-layer laminated waterproof fabric that also provides excellent breathability. With top of the line moisture management this fabric can be used in temperatures ranging from -6 to 14°C

Technical Specs: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex | 310 gsm


PriFlex Priflex is a spandex/poly blend bright yarn fabric developed with specific consideration given to muscle compression, elastic recovery and printability.

Technical Specs: 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex | 250 gsm | SPF 50

PriFlex -Short

Priflex is a spandex/poly blend bright yarn fabric developed with specific consideration given to muscle compression, elastic recovery and printability.

Technical Specs: 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex | 250 gsm | SPF 50


A mid-weight, breathable fabric capable of vibrant color gamut. Made from 100% polyester for superior temperature regulation and durability. The flexible composition allows full range of motion.

Q3 - Elite Level Trikot

Geflochtenes Doppelgestrick mit quadratischer Gitterstruktur für zusätzliche Ästhetik und leichte Gewichtsreduzierung. Gleicher Push-Pull-Effekt wie bei SpeedPro. 4-Wege-Stretch.

Technical Specs: Technische Daten: 100% Polyester | 154 g / m² | SPF 35+

Quantum Force

Quantum Force Fabric is the latest development in cycling gear, made with quantum energy-based materials. These materials control body temps while encouraging optimal blood flow, keeping you cool and comfortable no matter how hard you ride. The fabric also absorbs and deodorizes moisture effortlessly, so you can focus on your next victory without worrying about your gear.

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester | 135 gsm


Plaited double-knit fabric with square grid texture for additional aesthetic appeal and slight weight reduction. same push pull effect as SpeedPro. 4-way mechanical stretch.

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester | 154 gsm | SPF 35+


Korean made high-profile stretch microfiber polyester fabric with 2-way mechanical stretch provides excellent range of motion and moisture management properties for your active lifestyle, while still looking as cool as a cucumber in an ice box.


Made from 100% polyester microfiber, Solaas fabric wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry. Solaas is elastic and non-constricting, providing ultimate comfort.

Sfero - Heavyweight Jersey

Doubleweight SpeedPro with mechanically brushed back. Warm, breathable and excellent printability. Not wind or water resistant. Limited 2-way mechanical stretch. Temperature range 7 to 23°C.

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester | 210 gsm | SPF 35+


Mid-weight, thermal mechanically brushed back fabric. Limited 4-way mechanical stretch. Temperature ranges 0-23 °C

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester | 290 gsm


SpeedPro is a plaited double knit fabric with a micro yarn on the face that is simultaneously comprised of higher denier filament materials. This lightweight, industry-leading construction is the result of relentless research and testing within a variety of high-crucible elements and coin-operated horsey rides. The double knit fabric draws moisture from your back and pushes it right off of the face of the material, as well as being excellent for sublimation and printing. 2-way mechanical stretch.

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester | 180 gsm | SPF 35

SLR Ion - Lightweight Jersey

An open channel, lightweight fabric. SLR has ATB-100® fabrics containing silver ions that destroy bacteria and eliminate odor. 4-way mechanical stretch.

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester | 140 gsm


SpeedPro ist ein geflochtenes Doppelgestrick mit einem Mikrogarn auf der Vorderseite, das gleichzeitig aus Filamentmaterialien mit höherem Denier besteht. Diese leichte, branchenführende Technologie ist das Ergebnis unermüdlicher Forschung und Tests mit einer Vielzahl von Elementen mit hohem Tiegel. Der doppelte Strickstoff nimmt die Feuchtigkeit im Rückenbereich auf und drückt sie nach außen. Der Stoff eignet sich auch hervorragend zum Sublimieren und Drucken. 2-Wege-Stretch.

Technical Specs: Technische Daten: 100% Polyester | 180 g / m² | SPF 35


Stessa features a lightweight and durable fabric comprised of blended spandex and polyester allows for a fluid range of motion, so you can ride like an eagle soaring on the Fourth of July-now that’s freedom.

Technical Specs: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex │180 gsm


2 way mechanical stretch Tough, durable fabric perfect for MTB

Sock Material

Advanced Air Transfer System Fabric Composition of 70% Cotton, 10% Polyester, and 20% PU.


Mechanically brushed back fabric for use in warmers without damaging face. Dyed black back reduces "grin through", so the white base is not so evident when the fabric is stretched. Temperature range -6 to 20c.

Technical Specs: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex | 245 gsm


50% polyester, 25% combed ring spun cotton, 25% rayon


Made to protect you in the event of wet conditions, rain jackets with Toray material are as light as a feather and essential during unpredictable transitions in the seasons. This translucent and waterproof fabric is created with a textured base surface pattern that helps to reduce any sort of self-inflicted humidity inside the jacket, because there’s probably enough moisture already affecting you at that point.

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester | 80 gsm


Tiammavo is a spandex/poly blend semi-dull yarn fabric developed to move with you as you navigate life’s biggest challenges. It’s here to help you perfect that difficult yoga pose or those dance moves in the club. Designed for superior stretch and printability.


Sublimatable polyester, cotton blend lightweight fabric with waffle textured pattern that provides increased durability and fashionable function.


Pastel memory fabric with unique durability to provide superior range of motion while maintaining a casual look for an active lifestyle both on and off the bike.


Looking for a fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable during your hottest rides? Valo Fabric has you covered! This ultralight, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric is perfect for summer cycling. With 4-way mechanical stretch, it provides an excellent fit that won't constrict your movement.

Technical Specs: 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex / weight: 140g/㎡

Vero - Elite Level Short

40-Gauge-Strick und spezielle, firmeneigene Technologie mit wasserabweisenden Eigenschaften und hervorragender Abriebfestigkeit, sowie hervorragende Komprimierung und Bedruckbarkeit.

Technical Specs: Technische Daten: 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex | 240 g / m² | SPF 50


40 gauge knit and proprietary construction for super-opaque properties and excellent abrasion resistance. Superior compression and printability.

Technical Specs: 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex | 240 gsm | SPF 50


The Italian milled Vita fabric provides phenomenal compression without being restrictive. The wicking and evaporative properties allow garments to dry faster and regulate temperature more efficiently. The composition of Poly / LYCRA® Extra Life blend, provides an excellent printing medium with little to no fabric grin.

Z92 - Multi-Sport Speed

Z92 has textured gridded surface designed to break surface tension. Excellent fabric for sublimation. 4-way mechanical stretch.

Technical Specs: 100% Polyester | 220 gsm



Sport Cut

Based on performance analysis, Primal Sport Cut jerseys feature a slightly relaxed fit that lays close to the body's natural lines without being too constrictive. Perfect for club rides, long tours, mountain biking, commuting, centuries and gran fondos.

Race Cut

Primal Race Cut apparel is made for competition. Designed for optimum performance, this form fitting pattern contours to the body to improve aerodynamics and moisture management.

Helix Cut

The Helix Kit represents the most technologically advanced, competition level apparel on the market. Utilizing revolutionary pattern technology and the highest quality fabrics, the Helix jersey is engineered to fit tightly against the body to reduce air surface tension and improve performance.

Raglan Sleeve

Features sleeves that extend from the arm and are sewn at the collar.

Set-In Sleeve

Features sleeves that are cut around the shoulder, similar to a traditional t-shirt cut.


HX8 Chamois

The HX8 Carbon Italian Chamois is engineered for progressive reduction of foam thickness, using a fusion technology that seamlessly bonds materials without chemical fixates. The 4 density, 4 way stretch premium chamois is designed to form to the body, providing superior comfort while the Resistex® Anti-Static Carbon fabric prevents abrasion and promotes blood flow. All fabrics used are antibacterial and antimicrobial.

E3 Chamois

The E3 chamois provides superior comfort with a seamless, anatomical shape, multi-density foams and 4-way stretch. Antibacterial Silver Ion fabric and dual density Air Cell foam provide extra protection that will not break down over time. This chamois is ideal for recreational or club use.

APX Chamois

The APX chamois is ideal for teams and competitive road cyclists. Three layers of density foam, 4-way stretch and an anatomical shape allow for optimum comfort while maintaining a free range of motion. Antibacterial Silver Ion and Visigrid fabrics offer superior moisture transport and will not break down over time.

E6 Carbon Chamois

The E6 Carbon chamois is a revolutionary leap in chamois technology with Resistex anti-static carbon fabric which promotes blood flow and the reduction of lactic acid, as well as being antibacterial and antimicrobial. This 4-layer, 4-way stretch chamois also incorporates an Airmesh insert for increased shock absorption and moisture management. The E6 Carbon is ideal for road or mountain bike competition, as well as long distance touring.

CoolMax Chamois

The antibacterial and Silver Ion chamois is made of three layers of density foam, which offers a 4-way stretch and an anatomical shape for optimum comfort and free range of motion that won’t break down over time.

Tri Chamois


E6 Carbon Chamois

Das E6 Carbon Chamois ist ein revolutionärer Schritt in der Chamois-Technologie mit dem anti-statischen Carbon-Gewebe Resistex, das die Durchblutung und die Reduktion von Laktat fördert sowie antibakteriell und antimikrobiell wirkt. Diese 4-lagige 4-Wege-Stretch-Chamois enthält auch einen Airmesh-Einsatz für erhöhte Stoßdämpfung und optimiertes Feuchtigkeitsmanagement. Der E6 Carbon ist ideal für Rennrad- oder Mountainbike-Wettkämpfe sowie für längere Touren.