Our Helix Collection jerseys are made from SLR ION Fabric which is an open Channel, lightweight fabric, SLR has ATB-100® fabrics containing silver icons that destroy bacteria and eliminate odor. 4-way mechanical stretch.

Our Helix Bibs are made of Italian Vero fabric, with a 40 gauge knit and proprietary construction for super-opaque properties and excellent abrasion resistance, and superior compression fit.

The Italian HX8 Carbon chamois is engineered for progressive reduction of foam thickness, using a fusion technology that seamlessly bonds materials without chemical fixative. The 4 density, 4 way stretch premium chamois is designed to form to the body, providing superior comfort while the Resistex® Anti-Static Carbon fabric prevents abrasion and promotes blood flow. All fabrics used in the chamois are antibacterial and antimicrobial. 


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