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Variety is the spice of life!

Variety is the spice of life!

Almost summer and the triathlon race season has most definitively started.


I kicked off May with the Cotswold Sprint Triathlon. I love this race and I can’t remember a year when I haven’t done it. For me this is a great opportunity to see where I’m at compared to previous years and provides a good indication of how my training is going, putting it all into practise. As always the water was freezing and I was stood on the start line wondering what I was doing about to get in a lake at 8am! Although I stayed cold for the duration of the race, I was pleased to run 60seconds quicker than I ever had done on that course giving me a much needed confidence boost before boarding a flight to Japan in 2 days time.

So onto Japan, my first Paratriathlon Race since Rio and I would be guiding for Alison. There were a number of firsts for me in this race and it would very much be a learning curve as to how my body would handle the change in time zone. I’ve never really struggled with Jet lag before thanks to my ability to sleep anytime and anywhere, but then I’ve never actually done a long haul flight east before. We had a 12 hour flight leaving Tuesday lunchtime to arrive Wednesday morning, race Saturday morning then home on Sunday. As it turns out my body doesn’t like travelling east and just wouldn’t adjust to the time zone. I completely lost my appetite other than at 2am when I would wake up starving!! It definitely felt like we were racing at 11pm Friday evening not 7am Saturday morning. Hey ho, I got through it and me and Alison had a great race bringing home a Gold medal.

My next week was pretty much spent catching up on sleep and welcoming my appetite back before sticking myself on a start line once again.

There really is no better way to prepare for racing than racing so off I went to the first round of the South Glos Evening tri series. It was a beautiful evening and I was keen to put in a good time and prove to myself that my run form at the Cotswold sprint wasn’t just a fluke. I was first round the swim and off the bike (men and women) and I was pleased to run 40sec quicker over the 4km course. Perhaps there is a runner in me yet!

To test that theory I entered my first ever 5km running race. I haven’t started any sort of speed work yet this year, but with a seemingly impossible target to hit I had to start somewhere. So Tuesday evening and there I was at the Aztec 5km in Bristol, picked for being a pretty fast course – I wasn’t going to make it any harder for myself than it needed to be! I’m still not sure I enjoyed it but I was pleased to put down a time of 18.29, being optimistic that experience will surely make me faster next time round!


In and around all the racing I’ve been spending a lot of time on my mountain bike with Sundays becoming mountain bike adventure day.

Ride 1: 85km over to Salisbury Plain

Café Stop: 1 Eddington Farm shop- amazing pie!

Crashes: 1


Ride 2: 100km north of bath on various bridleways.

Café Stop: Ice cream! Today was hot

Crashes: 0

Bee incidents: 1 (very traumatic!)


Ride 3: 50km on the mendips (1500m climbing!!)

Café stop: 0

Crashes: 1


Onto June and once again I have filled it with my love of racing. First stop the European Paratriathlon Championships in Kitzbuhel, then onto Switzerland and France for a bit of off road fun at some Xterra’s.