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Rachael goes from Dreadmill to Treadmill

Rachael goes from Dreadmill to Treadmill

As the weeks continue to fly by, my training for the London Marathon is on and a little off schedule thanks to Doris.  So what do I do when I can’t run outdoors, I’m faced with the home dreadmill!!!.  The idea of running on one of these pains me because I know I can just hop off the treadmill at any moment which means I only manage a few miles before I become bored and distracted, even my playlist can’t save me, HOWEVER not this month thanks to my fellow marathon buddy introducing me to a clever app that allows me to run the semi virtual route of the London Marathon.

Now, bearing in mind I am not a fan of indoor running I have completely surprised myself and so I digress...While many of the Chatteris Cycling Club were taking part in a Wattbike Sportive or competing in the Mud Sweat and Gears series, I joined the remaining CCC riders on a starter group ride, welcoming new members and novice riders.  After the 12 mile starter ride section was complete we headed off for another “headwind in all directions” sprint to a village with a cycle friendly tea room for coffee, cake and a sausage sandwich.  On my return home, feeling quite energised and warmed up after my 30 odd miles I decided to try a run on the treadmill using the app with the idea of maybe forcing myself to run at least 6 miles which would be an interim workout until I could run outdoors. I didn’t manage 6, incredibly I managed 16 miles…sixteen miles running on a conveyor belt, 2 miles ahead of my self-made training plan. It’s a miracle.

So, what else do you do when Doris scuppers your training plan for riding or running…you buy another bike……”N+1”…...okay it’s a 2nd hand immaculate road bike that is a few years out of fashion but it’s perfect for using on the rollers and for turbo training, when I can stay upright while encountering a turbo malfunction or avoiding a frog in my driveway; and for those who understand the hand, eye and brain coordination of steering breaking and unclipping your feet from the cleats in one smooth swift emergency manoeuvre…well nope that was not me and needless to say I am still having random outbursts of laughter over these moments similar to Del-Boy at the bar in x30 fast forward or slow motion,  I once managed to do this outside the Lea Valley Velodrome…

Fortunately, on both occasions I was only covered in a slick of chain oil which was a relief as I was taking part in my home city, Cambridge Half Marathon on 5th March.  While the preparation for this was out of my hands on the day leading up to the event it is one of the best half marathons to take part in, I wasn’t chasing a PB or fretting over finishing times, I just wanted to enjoy running along the historic streets, chatting to other runners, including one carrying a tumble dryer on his back, spotting other running friends and hi-fiving the crowd even if it was raining with intermittent hailstones and driving wind.  I finished it feeling happy yet cold and so one of the things on my wishlist before the London Marathon is the Primal Stella Down short sleeve jacket to wear before and after the run and then while out on my bike.

Despite being an indoor warrior there is nothing like running or cycling in the fresh air #outdoorsisfree. 

See you on the other side of 26.2