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Kelly sets some new goals

Kelly sets some new goals

Don’t even know where to begin on the whirlwind that was the Miss Intercontinental world finals! I took part in my first ever beauty pageant, miss Carmarthenshire back in 2008 and despite the fact that I came nowhere close to winning I know from that moment that I loved pagentry and it became my mission to make it onto an international stage!



This October my dream became a reality when I competed as Miss Wales in the Miss Intercontinental competition held in Sri Lanka. It was hectic few weeks filled with various trips, experiences, party’s and of course rehearsals. The final show was filmed live at the Stein studios and it was a huge honour to be able to grace the stage and represent my country. 


I will of course continue to make the most of my welsh title that I will now have until next summer when the new winner will be crowned.

However now that I feel that I have fulfilled my goal of the last 8 years of competing internationally I am feeling a little lost with nothing to aim for.

Time to set a new goal!

As much as I would love to say that my goal is to finish an ironman, the ongoing issues I have with my ankle makes me feel that this is unrealistic ….. For now.

However now that I am not preparing for a bikini round I no longer have to worry about those dreaded tan lines that I usually spend all summer trying to avoid ….. With various levels of success.

So with this in mind my goal for the year ahead is definitely one going to be set on two wheels! Generally I am a social rider and the majority of the rides  I do (if not all) will involve a coffee shop mid ride! So I have decided to TRY and give fast a go! Try being the word.

I have decided to take part in time trails next year……. My reasons firstly I am still planning to take part in sprint triathlons (I can just about manage a 5k plod) and the time will definitely help during the bike section of these, I am aiming to be able to better my time in the Llanelli and Swansea sprint triathlon! Secondly one of the main reasons I love the gym so much is that it’s very easy to track my progress….. Lifting heavier weights and always pushing for a personal best, I will also be able to do this with time trails…… Nothing like a bit of competition with yourself.

I have had an amazing year working with primal Europe and would love to continue to do so for the year ahead. The summer kit for next year is amazing with some super bright designs and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of their new seriously cool active wear leggings that I got a sneak peak of during the shoot this summer!